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The Eskind Document Delivery online request system is based on OCLC ILLiad software, so we often refer to it as "ILLiad." Here are some of the questions we most often receive about it from our patrons. If you don't see the answers you want here, please get in touch with us.

Why do I need to log in to use ILLiad?

We are committed to protecting your privacy, and to ensure that your personal identification and request data remain confidential, the online system requires you to log in using your User ID (username) and PIN (password). Logging in allows you to access ILLiad to make requests, to modify your account information, and to edit or check the status of your submitted requests.

Why do I have to use my Acorn ID and Acorn PIN to log in?

The library offers interlibrary loan as just one of a growing list of online services, and we want you to be able to access all of them with the same User ID and PIN. The DDS system used information from Acorn, including the User ID (SSN) and PIN, to register most Vanderbilt library users for DDS Services. Acorn also periodically sends updates to ILLiad, so if you change your PIN in Acorn, it eventually automatically will be changed in ILLiad. However, the DDS system does not send updates to Acorn, so changing your PIN in ILLiad will not automatically change your Acorn record. Because it's so important that the two systems remain in sync with each other, you should change your ILLiad PIN only if you've made the same change in your Acorn account.

I can't get logged in! How do I get help?

You can call the DDS office (936-1405, 8am-5pm Monday-Friday), send an e-mail to document.delivery@library.vanderbilt.edu, or contact library staff at 936-1410.

I don't see a request form for the kind of item I want - what should I do?

Please use whichever request form is most convenient for you. We offer a variety of forms to make it easier for you to provide your citations, not to limit what you can ask for. So to request a music score or proceedings volume, use the "Book Loan" form if that's what makes sense to you. Likewise, you might choose either the "Book Chapter" or the "Journal Article" request form to order a conference paper. Contact DDS office (936-1405) or send email to document.delivery@library.vanderbilt.edu for further assistance.

Do I have to log in to find out when my book or article will arrive?

No! We will notify you when a loan arrives for you to pick up, or when an article has been posted for you to download.

Where's my request? I asked for a renewal and now my request is gone from "Items Checked Out."

When you ask for a renewal, the request moves back to the "Requests in Process" category until the renewal has been transmitted to the lending library. Then, the request moves back to "Items Checked Out." In general, whenever the ILL office needs to take action on your request, the request will be found in "Requests in Process."

Where's my request? I checked my Acorn account but do not see my ILL requests listed.

Acorn and ILLiad are not linked in a way that would allow you to see your document delivery requests from your Acorn account, likewise, interlibrary loans do not appear in your Acorn record of books checked out. Once logged in to "My Account" in Acorn, however, you can follow the link for "ILL/DDS (ILLiad)" to go directly to your interlibrary loan main menu. Otherwise, please log in to your ILLiad account to find your ILL requests.

Who do I contact if I have problems with or questions about ILLiad?

The answer to that question depends on the nature of your problem or question. Staff at each library should be able to show you how to request your PIN should you forget it, how to register for an account (if necessary--most Vanderbilt users are pre-registered with ILLiad), how to access ILLiad, how to submit requests, and how to interpret the information in your account. Of course, the DDS staff are always happy to help with any problem or question. (DDS office business hours are 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday; telephone 936-1405, e-mail document.delivery@library.vanderbilt.edu.

How long do I have to wait before I receive my requests?

Books: 8 to 14 days. Articles: 8 to 10 days. ATHENA requests: usually faster, often within 7 days. KUDZU requests: usually fastest, around 3 days.

Note that these are only "normal" times. Turnaround time for interlibrary loans varies widely, depending on the speed of the lending library, whether the first library asked can fill the request, and other factors.

Sometimes the system lets me renew my loan online, and sometimes not - why?

The Eskind Document Delivery services team wants you to have the fullest possible use of your loans, including renewals when the lending library allows. When the DDS online system doesn't allow you to request a renewal online, there are several possible reasons. Please contact DDS staff (telephone 936-1405 or e-mail document.delivery@library.vanderbilt.edu, 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday) to discuss your options:

  • The loan is not "checked out" in the online system. (ILLiad doesn't understand requesting a renewal for a loan that hasn't been picked up.) If you still have the slip, please contact the ILL office to ask for a renewal.
  • The loan has already been renewed. Lending libraries generally allow only one renewal.
  • The lending library specified that no renewals could be requested. (In this case you will see that "no renewals" is printed on the ILL book band, and the restriction is mentioned in your e-mail pickup notice.)
  • It is too soon to ask for a renewal. Lending libraries usually renew from when the renewal is requested, not from the original due date, so asking too soon is not to your benefit. Please wait until the due date or just a few days earlier, then request the renewal.
  • It is too late to ask for a renewal. Lending libraries will not renew interlibrary loans that are overdue. The ILL office sends a first overdue reminder in time for you to request a renewal if you do so right away.

What do the various status in ILLiad mean?

Most of the status in ILLiad are self-explanatory. The following may need more explanation:

  • "Awaiting Request Processing": Your request is in the queue, but ILL staff have not yet transmitted it to a potential supplier.
  • "Request Sent": Your ILL request has been sent to a potential supplying library.
  • "Awaiting Unfilled Processing": The libraries contacted could not supply your item; DDS staff are searching for further potential suppliers.
  • "Awaiting Conditional Processing": A library has sent a message to ILL staff concerning your request, and DDS staff will respond or are searching for other potential suppliers, etc. (depending on the content of the message).
  • "Awaiting Extensive Searching": Your request may or may not be problematic, but it requires the attention of senior searching staff before it can be transmitted to a potential supplier.
  • "Customer Notified via E-Mail": Your loan has arrived and you have been notified to pick it up. If you missed the e-mail notice you should pick up the item or enquire about it.
  • "Cancelled by ILL Staff": This transaction was cancelled by ILL staff, and you were notified of the reason (unless there was some reason that notification would not be useful to you, for example, if the request duplicates another request for the same item).

I see notes like "Need more info" - "Check NUC" - "aaa - lack ; bbb,ddd - nos": Do I need to do anything? "

No, you don't need to take any action. ILL staff often make notes in request records to help our internal searching or handling. If we do have any questions or messages for you, we will contact you by e-mail or telephone.

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